Epsom Salt & Lavender Bath Soak

With the colder weather coming and when Winter is holding on and Spring feels ages away, cold and flu bugs thrive in the low humidity. Low humidity is one reason you may be more prone to viruses during the colder months.

And is it just my perception, or does it take a lot longer to get over a cold than it once did? I can't decide if the germs are getting tougher or our immune systems are getting weaker. Perhaps its a little of both. Viruses are, after all, living organisms that evolve and adapt to survive.

In any case, when you are waiting out a bug it can be soothing to indulge in a good soak. This soak has Epsom salts aka magnesium sulfate, as its base. The salts are a mineral compound with a wide variety of uses and benefits.

Where colds and flu are concerned, soaking in Epsom salts helps vasodilation, which increases white blood cell production that in turn can aid your body in fighting off illness. Magnesium also helps relax muscles to ease the achy feeling that a bad cold or bout of flu can bring on. The steam from the bath will also alleviate congestion, at least while you are in the tub! Lavender is a soporific, inducing sleep, as well as being a powerful antiviral, as are most essential oils.

Another bonus; both Epsom salts and lavender essential oil are very affordable.**


Use a minimum of two cups to a maximum of four cups of Epsom salt per bath. To this add ten to twenty drops of lavender essential oil. Mix well and pour into a bath of water that is as warm as you find comfortable. Stir the water to disperse the mixture and soak at least until you can feel the water
is cooling. Take care when getting in and out of the bath.

Get well soon!

** Be sure of your supplier and their source for essential oils. So-called "fragrancing oils" are not suitable for this use.