The end of work vacations, if you have some. Back to school too and if you are like my grandchildren, you look forward to that. The relaxed pace of Summer slowly gives way to preparations for a new season. The sun steadily sets sooner and rises later. Most of our feathered migrants have left for their Winter grounds. 

Fall is my favourite time of year, even if I am just a little sorry to see the end of Summer. I haven't packed away my flip flops and shorts quite yet, though will as soon as the temperatures push me.

My Summer has been especially busy so that remark about "relaxed pace" didn't apply this year, but the Autumn is looking less hectic, thank goodness. I'm not complaining; without billable hours, you can't pay the milkman. The hazards of self-employment. 

The Autumnal Equinox arrives on the 23rd and I start looking forward to October, a month filled with family birthdays, Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian) and of course the Queen of the Fall season, Halloween. 

I hope the new Season is good for you!