By happy chance this month, I discovered the vegan leather brand THREESIXFIVE. The brand began with planners like this A5 size diary I just purchased, and have expanded into a small, but beautiful range of stationery pieces, travel accessories and bags. For those of you not familiar with British measurements, A5 is 5.83 inches x 8.27 inches. The diary is larger than a personal organiser, but smaller than a standard desk planner and fits neatly into a tote bag or laptop case.

I got my 2019 diary a bit late in the year but didn't hesitate to purchase it when I realised how multi-functional it was. More than just your usual diary or organiser,  the THREESIXFIVE diary also works as a journal and a space for goal planning.

I bought the blue diary and opted for personalisation in the form of my initials on the front cover. The faux leather is wonderfully soft and supple and the pages of the diary are sturdy and tear-resistant. A built-in ribbon holds your place between the pages and there is an expanding pocket on the inside back cover to store any small paper items.

A lot of thought has gone into the layout of diary. There are pages for travel and eating out around the World. Looking at that, I really need to expand my horizons more. I've not been to nearly as many places as I would like!

There are symbols on the diary pages to record and remind you about healthy eating, daily exercise and hydration. Check them off when you are being good and at the end of a week, see if the checkmarks outnumber the blank symbols. A fun bit of incentive, don't you think.

And lots of space for notes, goal setting and reminders. I tend to have things like that spread out over random bits of paper and notebooks. I'm Old School and still like to write things down despite having perfectly good notes and reminder functions on my iPhone. With this diary, I want to keep it all in one place, stashed next to the bed so I can develop the habit of looking at it at the end of the day.

I love the 30 days of self-improvement list. I can relate to a number of those!

Focus and gratitude, two things that too easily get left on the back burner in our over-extended 21st century lifestyle. Taking the time to stop, think about and write down your ideas and goals helps you step back and reflect on what's important to you each month. And at the end of the year, you have an attractive permanent record that you can look back through. Needless to say, I will be repurchasing this for 2020! 

I use a Filofax Saffiano personal organiser for business, but the THREESIXFIVE diary is going to be my personal space.  

Do you have a favourite diary or planner?