Labour Day Weekend!

The Labour Day weekend is upon us. Well, it is in my house though not outside it. Labour Day in England is in May and isn't a holiday. It's like Mother's Day which is in March over here in stead of in May. Last weekend was a long weekend here in England and last of the year now. The weather cooperated with hot temps and we enjoyed every minute of it. Good thing too. By Thursday it had faded from shorts and flip flops to leggings and a sweater. I spotted a squirrel busy putting his Winter food store away.

Anyway, in my backyard its the last official holiday weekend of the Summer. The kids go back to school, the Autumnal Equinox is on the 23rd and then we begin preparations for Thanksgiving (October 14th in Canada) and of course the star of the Fall season, Halloween!

In August I was looking for some garden supplies and found this solar pumpkin house. As the kids say, "INSTABUY!!".  I have been using it since then in the garden during the day and bringing it into the house in the evening. I love the soft orange glow it gives off and you can almost see the elfin creature who lives there. It will be part of my Halloween display until the first week of November when it all gets packed up for another year.

Happy Labour Day!