The Comfort Zone - Emma Willis T Shirts

Earlier this year, television presenter Emma Willis launched her own brand of clothing in collaboration with Next. I came across it while looking for a good quality t-shirt. Not so easy anymore I discovered. Shows you how long its been since I did any real clothes shopping.

I'm also tall (5'9") which means longer arms, torso and legs adds to the checklist of must-haves. The t-shirt is a versatile staple in any wardrobe, especially if you favour a casual look. They can be worn tucked in or out, with just about everything. And they are a great substitute for blouses if, like me, a blouse just doesn't suit you.

In the past I have made the mistake of not buying more than one of something, then find its no longer available when I tardily go back for more. The reviews for the Emma Willis shirts were so good,  I said to heck with wait and see and bought two of each in white and grey marl.

The shirts are 100% viscose, which gives them a silky feel and makes the fabric drape nicely on the body with just the right amount of cling. These shirts end just at the top of my thighs instead of just below my navel, which is a big plus with me as I often have to go to Tall sizing to get adequate length in both tops and bottoms.

 The weight makes them a good choice year round, not too heavy or light, and aren't so thin your bra shows glaringly through. Easy to wash too.  I recommend hanging them to dry which they do quite quickly, to keep wrinkling to a minimum. After all, who has time for ironing!

At £12 each, these are a fab buy. Four colours are available; white, grey marl, navy and black. Get them at Next.