The Water Sign

No, this post isn't about Cancerians, though I am one. It's about water and its importance in maintaining well being.

With a new season coming in, I have noticed how dry my skin and hair have become. I put this down mainly to not drinking enough water. And I credit that to menopause, which has given me a bladder that has the capacity of a thimble some days! I think subconsciously I have reduced my fluid intake so I don't find myself looking for a washroom every time I set foot outside the house.

During my aromatherapy training a decade ago, I got the water habit. It was something my instructor emphasised and she was right about the benefits. You really see a difference when your fluid levels are where they should be. Your skin and hair feel and look better, your energy and concentration improve and you find you use less moisturising products.

There is a period of adjustment while your body gets used to the additional fluids, but it will and the difference will be amazing. You have to start from the inside and work outwards, so if you are finding that richer creams etc.. aren't making inroads on dryness, look at your fluid intake.

Keep in mind that caffeine and alcohol don't count since they can actually be dehydrating.

I bought Smart Water to get started with and plan to pick up a filtering bottle to use. There are a number of brands that do these; BobbleBrita Fill & Go, so there is no need for more plastic bottles which may or may not get recycled.

Are you a water sign?